Alexandra Marati
During the last years Alexandra Marati’s intention is to produce playful and at the same time cryptic universes; to construct crypts where structures/altars and impressions of the personal idiolect of an “intuitive channelling” will be arranged, as in an invisible dimension, which initiates processes of relaxation so as to harmonise conflicting internal forces.
She says, this is a visual depiction of the almost architectural dimension of the artist’s senses and delusions within an enclosed area of meditation, which reveals the meaning of paradise.
It’s about pyramids constructed of “magnetic” materials and placed in a graded order: “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW”, as well as secret arks with spray powder mappings and carbon prints, which mirror spectral figures or describe space-time routes along the “DIAMOND WAY” of the lamas.
Energy vortexes, like “trees of life”, and hanging dream transmitters reproduce the colour gradations of the aura, while touch, and even breath, activate a system that disseminates blessings, thus causing therapeutic vibrations. She would like the general feeling to be that of the birth of light in the darkness, which contains hundreds of micro-universes, comparative to those brought about by philosophical archetypes at the theoretical level.
Even in the painted images made of spray, pastel or other mediums, Marati’s boxes the surfaces of her works inside overpainted plexiglas giving this way the sense of the third dimension and depth. Mobilizing graphemes in spray (dust dematerializing through the air) inspired by the crop circles and charcoal as reference to the carbon/energy element, she creates contemplation fields
Alexandra Marati studied Fine Arts at the University Of Applied Arts In Vienna, 1994 – 2000, Her professor has been Christian Ludwig Attersee.
She lives and works between Thessaloniki and Vienna.
She participated in lots of solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, Austria, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Russia, Turkey. She is also founder of the Art Gallery Artis Causa in Thessaloniki.
Singing Universe
2015, variable dimension, magnetic stainless
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