2018,  Porcelain, 16.5 x 31x16.5 cm
Chisato Yasui
The subject of her creation is unseen changes of her feelings.
Heart seems to be chaotic, but she feels it is very rational and clever and that it has a simple and beautiful structure.
She’s been trying to make it take shape.
By working on clay and ceramics, she tries to capture her floating feelings because she thinks it could be possible to clarify a principal or a rule of emotional chemistry, which is difficult to catch in words, by presenting her feelings intuitively with clay. So she always puts her emotions into shape according to the changes of her feelings – her actual feelings which arise in touching clay.
Coil-forming, which began in the prehistoric age and is still a main and common technique in ceramic, is to pile clay strips. The piled strips form a frame, which can be changed into any shape as long as the clay is soft enough, and she puts it into her seeking shape. Then, as a result of those processes and fire in a hearth, she gets a shape representing her emotions, including unconsciousness as well as consciousness.  
Eventually, she sees in her work what she felt at that time.
She hopes she will find out a principal which always exists in common in both her and nature while she’s trying to capture her changing feelings with ceramics.
Chisato Yasui was born in Aichi, Japan in 1984.
She is a ceramics and mixed media artist. She graduated with an MA in Art and Design from University of Tsukuba in 2010.
She lives in Ibaraki and has been working on creative activities.
Yasui has been interested in subconsciousness since childhood. She feels something what can’t be seen connects us with this world deeply. She has been trying to make many people understand its importance, that is, what part “invisible-connection” takes.
When she was a sophomore at university, she met ceramics. She realized that in its working process it was important to talk to the materials and to follow her own intuition and sense of touch. And an idea came to her that ceramics are a suitable means to express what she wants to convey.
Since then ceramics have been her main way to express her idea.
Her art works has been exhibited in Japan, United States, Australia and Italy.
Contemporary Art Gallery
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