Les blancs 3
2018, Acrylic on canvas, 76x102 cm
Sophie Mangelsen
Mind? Psyche? Consciousness?
In her pictures, Sophie Mangelsen depicts the poles of human existence and perception, including the unconscious.
Sophie Mangelsen was born in Berlin in 1991.
Lived in France for four years and studied psychology in Paris and Leipzig. She currently lives in Berlin-Friedrichshain with some trips to the Mark Brandenburg.
Art, perception is deconstructed, reduced to the essential,and the fragments reassembled. Harmony and disharmony, balance and imbalance - alternating baths of alert personalities. In complementary and contrasting colours, the artist travels through mountains of emotions.
Characteristic are the tensions between black and white as well as the nested structures, which indicate a return to clear forms and elements. Like snapshots the picture depicts feelings at a certain point in time and highlights their contrasts.
Through the duality between darkness and euphoric explosion of colour, Sophie Mangelsen's informal style reflects an impulsive quest for meaning striving for peace.
The artist is inspired by her professional experience as a psychologist and her ongoing training as a depthpsychology oriented therapist.
The works in acrylic and oil technique on canvas are signed, dated and immediately ready to hang due to their real wooden wedge frames.
Competitions | Merit Award, Colors Art Exhibition, 2018
National Prize Germany; 50th European Art Competition
Her paintings have been shown at exhibitions in Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria and France, and soon in Italy.
Contemporary Art Gallery
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