Eme O.Willie

Born in 1959 in Nigeria
Eme O.Willie works passionately with oil and acrylic paints in colourful warm colours.
The scenes are abstract, but sensuous natural landscapes are a general part and recognisable figures, such as human beings and animals, that are shown in the paintings and give the observer a possibility for an individual interpretation that will stir your imaginations and dreams.
Aesthetic expression and a solid craftsmanship with a brush or palette, make the paintings always appear unique and original.
She has lived in Denmark since 1979.
Since 2004 she has as a self-made artist worked very seriously with her paintings and she has exhibited a large number of places around Denmark and at art societies, private and public companies.
Eme is a chairman of the leading Art association in Viborg, Denmark.
She has got a seal of approval as she has participated in two state recognized exhibitions:
The Artists' Autumn Exhibition (KE)
Den Frie Exhibition in Copenhagen in 2007 and The artists summer exhibition 2010 (KS).
He has been collaborating with the gallery since the spring of 2019
Lives and works in Viborg.
Water of life and nature
2019, Acrylic on canvas, 50x50 cm
Contemporary Art Gallery
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